Why do we have to add salt to the water?

The electrolysis process requires that an ionised solution complete an electric circuit between two electrodes. The salt creates conductivity, which allows the array to work.

How does the array work?

The Aqua Detox apparatus generates a continuous current, which is delivered through two coiled electrodes built into a housing called an “array”. The spiral form is used in order to maximise the surface area of the conductive surfaces. The passage of the electric current across the water produces ionisation. Positively charged ions in the conductive electrolytic solution will move toward the cathode and the negatively charged ions towards the anode. This migration of ions through the electronic solution (i.e the water in the foot bowl) constitutes the electric current within the bowl/bath. This migration of electrons to the anode, then back to the cathode via the wiring and the generator, constitutes the current in the remainder of the circuit, external to the footbath. This flow of electrons is from the negative pole, the cathode, towards the positive pole, the anode.

Can I use the machine every day?

It is recommended that healthy people should use the machine around twice a week, although the maximum usage should not exceed once every two days. For those suffering from illnesses, the frequency should be reduced. This is because for those who are unwell, their bodies go into 'healing' mode after treatment, during which they may feel tired and lethargic. This is usually followed by a feeling of increased energy and well-being. In this case, some time is required for the body to fully recover and a following treatment should not be given for a few days, or until they feel fully recovered.

Have you proof of what it cures?
The machine does not cure anything. It is simply a machine, which enables your body to re-balance its bio-energetic fields, which stimulates self-detoxification. When the electro-magnetic fields are balanced, the body's organs will naturally function better.

How long do the arrays last?

Arrays last approximately 25-50 treatments, depending on the chemical content and the pH of the water along with the toxicity of the client.

Can I get electrocuted from the array in the water?

The array in the water only carries 2.5amps, so is safe for everybody. If however you are using the array in a full size bath, please make sure the Aqua-Detox unit is placed a safe distance away from the bath water.

Should I use the machine if I am taking medication?

Our research so far has found no evidence that any type of medication is affected by the use of Aqua-Detox. However if you are worried, the medication can be taken after the treatment. If you have a pacemaker, had a Kidney transplant, are pregnant or suffer from psychotic episodes or epileptic seizures; you should not use the machine.

What if I have Athletes Foot or Verrucas?

The Aqua Detox machine is cleaned thoroughly after each use, if using a bowl; it will be cleaned out after each individual Detox. The array is also disinfected in cleaning fluid so there is no chance of cross infection while using the bowl, as long as it is cleaned properly after each use.

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